Lab Grown CVD Coring
This Infrared Laser Diamond Cutting Machine is equipped with air cooling system and our self-developed quick plug fixture.
You can clamp 100pcs cvd plates per run for coring.
Diamond Green Laser Cutting
Sanyi Green Laser Diamond Cutting Machine is widely used in cutting natural diamonds, CVD diamonds, HPHT diamonds, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and Moissanite diamonds.
Client visited us and tested our green laser diamond cutting machine with his CVD plate.
Diamond Marking
This Cold Laser Diamond Marking Machine is equipped with UV laser source.
The laser source always outputs minimum focal beam spot and gives high light beam quality laser, which obtains superfine laser marking.
7D Diamond Laser Fancy Cut
7D Fancy Cut and Engrave Laser Diamond Machine is equipped with our self-developed control software and special fixtures. Enabling you to get high accuracy cutting for fancy shapes diamonds, like Heart Brilliant, Emerald cut, Marquis etc.
Lab Grown CVD Plate Cod Laser Slicing
SANYI Cold laser diamond cutting machine is a next generation model. We believe it will replace Green Laser Diamond Cutting Machine in next 5-10 years.
4P Diamond Laser Round Shape Cut
4P Laser Diamond Cutting Machine is equipped with our patent software and fixture. It offers Table, Crow, Girdle and Pavilion shape cut at one time.