About Us
Guangzhou Sanyi Laser Technology Co , Ltd was established in Science City, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2012. We are a scientific and technological R&D type manufacture, who has been focusing on laser applications and overall laser solutions in superhard material and new meterials for more than 10 years . Our company maintains perennial technical exchanges with famous laser companies all over the world. We also cooperate with professional institutes and famous universities in China.

Our Main Products Include:

1.Green Laser Diamond Cutting Machine (Model: SY-CVD11E)
2.4P Green Laser Diamond Cutting Machine  (Model: SY-CVD13A)
3.Cold Laser Diamond Cutting Machine (Model: SY-UV10A)
4.Cold Laser Diamond Marking Machine (Model: SY-UVM10A)
5.7D Fancy Cut and Engrave Laser Diamond Machine   (Model: SY-CVD16A)
6.Infrared Laser Diamond Cutting Machine (Model: SY-CVD15B)
7.PDC Laser Engraving Machine (Model: SY-PDC10A)
8. PCD Laser Cutting Machine
9. PDC Sheet Laser Cutting and Drilling Machine
10. Doped Diamond Laser Cutting and Drilling Machine
11. Diamond Wire-Drawing Dies Laser Drilling Machine
12. Carbon Fiber/Graphene Laser Cutting Machine