CVD diamond seeds

Single crystal CVD uses a single crystal diamond substrate as a base to grow single crystal diamond by vapor phase epitaxy.
The single crystal diamond substrate can be used for natural diamond, HPHT diamond or CVD diamond
Single crystal diamond seed wafer
Few defects, no polycrystalline
No cracks on the surface
Directly synthesize diamond
Customer repurchase rate is high.

Product name CVD diamond seeds
Color From white to light brown
Length Within 20mm
Shape Square with corners
Width Within 20mm
Thickness 0.1-2.0mm
Orientation 100 or 110
Clarity VVS
Usage Substrate for single crystal CVD diamond growing

Yellow HTHP seeds and CVD seeds (light brown and white) are available.
Yellow HTHP seeds can be provided within 8mm, with missing corners
Light brown for tools is high price-performance ratio;White for diamond level application is of high quality.

Yellow HPHT seeds are price-performance ratio and suitable for initial production

White CVD seed crystals are with high quality, and color above GH, which can directly grow diamonds.

Light brown seeds are cost-effective and can be used in the production of industrial products.