tool grade single crystal CVD diamonds

It is used in precision cutting and machining.
The application materials are as follows:
nonferrous metals: copper, aluminum, gold, silver                         
carbon fiber
brittle materials
It has good mechanical machining properties.
High hardness
Long life span
High wear resistance

Product name Single crystal CVD diamond for tools
Size 1-12mm
Length tolerance ±0.1mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.05mm
Color White, light brown
Shape Any shapes are available according to custom
Nitrogen content 50-100ppm
Young's modulus 11501300GPa
Micro-hardness 80150GPa
Orientation Ordinary (100 on six sides);
Special (100 top and bottom, 110 on four sides);
Custom 2pt (110 top and bottom).
Edge Four sides, laser cut
Polish Top and bottom
Polish Roughness  Ra < 30nm

For diamond tools
Surgical blade
Inner arc and outer arc
Rough stone, just cut not polishing

1. Ordinary items: 100 on six sides 

Any shape can be processed according to customer drawings, including angles.

We provide various kinds of colors from light brown to white

2. Special items (100 top and bottom, 110 on four sides)

Internal and external oval diamond machining are available.

3. Custom items(110 top and bottom, long side 110, short side 100) are suitable for import machines.

4. Single crystal diamond wafer for scalpel

Finished scalpels